1.5 How To Test Your Reiki Store Hop Links

How to Test your Reiki Store Affiliate HopLink

Once you have created an affiliate HOPLINKTM (also stylized as HopLink), you should test it to make sure it is functioning before you add it to your promotional material. Testing your HopLink will ensure that you receive the commission for any sales that you facilitate for the Reiki Store.

To test your Reiki Store Affiliate HopLinks, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Follow the Reiki Store Affiliate HopLink.

Click the HopLink that you have imbedded in the promotional material you have created to promote our Reiki Store courses. This should direct you the our Reiki Store Courses Pitch Page (https://courses.reiki-store.com/cb-reiki-courses/).

Step 2: Select one of the Reiki Course Sales Pages

Click on one the Course Details button on any of the Reiki Courses listed on the Reiki Courses Sales Hub. The sales page will open in a new browser tab.

Step 3: Select one of Buy Now or Enroll Now buttons

Once you are on the selected Reiki Course Sales Page, click the button that will initiate a purchase of the Reiki Course. This should direct you to the Reiki Store’s order form hosted by ClickBank.

Step 4: Confirm Your Affiliate Information is Recorded

Once you are on the order form, scroll to the bottom of the page and locate your affiliate information. Make sure that the affiliate information on the bottom of the order form matches your affiliate information. This means that the HopLink you have used is working properly and effective.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please Remember to replace xxxx with your own Clickbank ID when you use the hoplinks above.