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Discover a Natural way to Relax, Re-balance and Heal with Reiki therapy

Learning Reiki is a life-changing experience. It is one of the simplest and safest self-healing techniques you can learn today and is becoming an increasingly popular way to naturally heal, relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety and provide extraordinary relaxation.

Deep Relaxation

Reiki provides deep relaxation and stress-relief, to help you find calm whenever you need it

Mind, Body & Soul

Reiki is Holistic therapy – it seeks out the root of the problem for profound healing on all levels


Feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and burnt-out? Reiki naturally boosts energy and vitality


Reiki stimulates your own natural healing abilities. It helps you take back control of your health

Clarity & Peace

Quiet all that mind clutter with simple energy techniques. Reiki helps you reset and re-centre


A Family Run Reiki Training Academy Since 1997

We believe that Reiki can help anyone to feel better, and as one of the very first online Reiki Training Schools, we launched the Reiki Store to make quality Reiki Training accessible to as many people as possible. We know lives are busy and that the need for healing can occur quiet suddenly, so we wanted to break down some of the blockers and barriers to learning Reiki with accredited and trusted Online Reiki training that you can work through at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. After all, the more people that embrace the healing power of Reiki, the better the world will be.

Students Trained

From countries across the globe

decades Serving the Reiki community

Certificates Earned


Our Most Popular Online Reiki Courses


Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 Combined into this 3 week course. We guide you through all three levels of the Usui System of Natural Healing so you can become a Fully Qualified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and go on to teach and train your own Usui Reiki students.


Animal Reiki Master Teacher

Do you dream of working with animals? You can Learn how to channel Reiki energy to animals of all shapes and sizes with our Internationally recognised Animal Reiki Master Teacher Certification – giving you the credentials to practice/teach Animal Reiki.


Chakra Healing Master

Are you ready to take your current knowledge, skill and understanding of Energy Healing to a completely new level of Mastery? This 4 Week Programme offers a complete guide to understanding and working with the Chakras.


Shoden Usui Reiki Level 1

Discover one of the simplest and safest and easiest to learn and master self-healing techniques with this introductory Shoden Reiki course. Absolutely no previous Reiki knowledge or experience is needed to work through the training and become a fully qualified Usui Shoden Reiki Practitioner.


Okuden Usui Reiki Level 2

Okuden is all about expanding your healing potential and developing your confidence working with paying clients and students. Discover the Reiki Symbols to send Reiki distantly, and develop your Reiki intuition to read and respond more intuitively to energy for more powerful Reiki sessions.

Shinpiden Usui Reiki Level 3

Shinpiden Usui Reiki Level 3

It’s time to take the most important step on your Reiki Training Journey – with your Level 3 Reiki Certification. With Reiki Level 3 you can train and attune your own Reiki Students so you can teach and run your own Reiki Workshops, Retreats and Course, opening up limitless possibilities in your Reiki Business.


Testimonials from Our Reiki Students

"Reiki has proven to be quite healing for me, on all levels. I am healthier now than I was 30 years ago. I look forward to my daily Self Reiki practice. If I miss more than a few days, I feel “off” and that is my cue to at least get a quick session in! Thank you for the thorough information!"

Colleen Orr, Reiki Master

"One of the best courses ever! Very informative. I did a reiki class for level 1 and 2 about 6 years ago and didn't receive a forth of the information I received on this course. I love and thank Adele and Garry for their patience and commit to teaching."

Dr Charles Moore, Reiki Master Teacher

" I thoroughly loved this course. I looked forward to working on it daily especially during this time of Covid 19. It was very easy to follow and I also liked the extra videos as well. Thank you so much!"

Suzanne Winters, Reiki Master Teacher

"I have truly enjoyed it with so much gratitude for all the useful information you have provided to all of us. I have been a Reiki Master Teacher for years but with your course now I feel more complete. Thank you. With love and light."

Arzu Calguner, Reiki Master Teacher

"I have spent 9 years studying with the Open University to obtain 2 degrees and consider that I am qualified to recognise quality training material when I see it. Without a doubt the material provided by Garry and Adele Malone is of the highest standard. It is written in an easy and friendly to understand manner and is jam packed with essential information."

David B, Reiki Master Teacher

"This is an amazing program. It’s very informative, well laid out, easy to understand and very professional. For myself I do not believe that anything could be improved upon. I would recommend this course to anyone, even if you don’t want to practice Reiki on anybody other than yourself….which by the way I highly recommend. It’s a great way to relax, de-stress, promote self-healing and to find inner peace… and that’s just the start."

Linda Hampton, Reiki Master Teacher

"I received my attunement from Garry and Adele today . I had already had my first level attunement done in person at a workshop however the cost of progressing to even the second level was out of my reach. My advice is go ahead its amazing and as for the cost, wow, so much information! "

Alison Crees, Reiki Master

"Thank you Garry and Adele for making all this knowledge available to us! I really like the home study course material, it is so complete and well organised! It is a godsend! I feel truly blessed for having found this course. Thank you!"

Suzana Halliwell, Reiki Master

"I am very impressed with the 7-star information given in your Reiki home study course. The study materials are easy to learn and understand. I feel as confident as I would if I attended a in-person workshop. Thank you very much for this opportunity."

Angela Costic, Reiki Master Teacher

"This has been one of the best online courses I have taken. There is more information and support then I had ever expected. I highly recommend this course...I am going over the course again. There is so much information here."

Sheryl Powell, Reiki Master

"Living in an area where such modalities of alternate therapy are sparse, this online course is an invaluable option. It provides excellent lessons and lends itself to self-paced learning. The prospect of studying and acquiring all levels to Reiki Master in this manner is priceless."

Rebecca Givens-Bickerstaff, Reiki Master

"I have so much gratitude for all you do and providing this course. The Animal Reiki Master Teacher Course was so full of material and supportive of different ways to learn, I feel like it was designed for everyone: with all types of learners in mind. This course answered all of the questions I’ve had since I first heard of Reiki. Other courses pale in comparison. I highly recommend this course to others. You have answered my prayers & changed my life! Namaste"

Belina Ricco, Reiki Master

"Just after finishing the Animal Reiki course and wanted to let you know it was the most enjoyable course I’ve ever done. Thank you so much, I have learned so much!"

Jane Doyle, Animal Reiki Master

"I am now going over the course for the second time. The format is one of the best online. Thank you."

Sheryl Powell, Animal Reiki Master

"So lovely to be back with the Reiki Store family. Namaste. "

Jenefer Ferguson, Reiki Master Teacher

"Thank you for another wonderful online course full of detail and easy understanding. Blessings and gratitude to you all for sharing your gift and knowledge. Love and light"

Deb Dobinson, Reiki Master Teacher


Why Learn with The Reiki Store


Since 1997, our family-run training school has expanded to help over 100,000 students on their path to Reiki Mastery, empowering Holistic Practitioners across the globe to reconnect with themselves and open their minds up to a more natural and holistic way of living.

Positive & Empowering

Giving you the tools to improve your well-being and change your life.

Certified Online Learning

Learn at your pace, on the go or from the comfort of your own home.

Ongoing Support

Support throughout your learning from 4 Experienced Reiki Masters.

Over 100,000 Reiki Students

Join our growing community of deep, like-minded, spiritual souls and light workers.

25 Years of Excellence

Train with the longest running Online Reiki Training Academy – experts in distant e-learning.


Reiki Business Tools

We created the world’s first Reiki Toolkit to help our students get their Practice started!

Ready to Get Started with Reiki?

Practicing Reiki Professionally


The Reiki Business School™

Discover the Secrets to setting up your own successful and sustainable Professional Reiki and Wellness Practice with Expert Guidance and Mentorship from the RHA Reiki Business team with decades of online experience.


The Reiki Healing Association

Join the Reiki HealingAssociation and build instant credibility as a member of one of the largest Global Communities of Heart-Centred Reiki Professionals, Changing the World one Reiki Session at a Time.

Shinpiden Usui Reiki Level 3

The RMT Training Toolkit

Discover How You Can Build and Develop Your own Live In-Person Reiki Training Workshops and Courses Quickly and Easily with our RHA Done For You Premium Reiki Master Training Toolkit.

Members Access to Retired Courses

We have retired "The Essence of Reiki" and "Take Your Reiki Practice Online" - Existing Members Can Still Access Their Course Below
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How do I Access Take Your Practice Online Course?